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An innovative photography program designed specifically for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

Mr. Al Price Photo

Albert (Al) Price
President and CEO

  New Vision Photography Program, Inc. President and CEO Albert (Al) Price, a native of Quincy, Florida has extensive experience both in the field of photography and working with persons with developmental disabilities.

      In 1967, he began working as a counselor at Forest Haven School for persons with mental retardation.   As a photographer, he worked for the District of Columbia Office of the Mayor from 1982 to 1992.  He retired in 1994.  He has worked as an employment specialist at DC ARC and the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute.

       In addition, his photographs of East and Southern Africa have appeared in publications such as National Geographic and Emerge Magazines.  Mr. Price is the 2001 Recipient of the Community Service Award of Merit by the Exposure Groups, a National Association of African American  Professional Photographers.

      Mr. Price and his wife Bettye Magee-Price opened New Vision Photography Program, Inc. in January 2004.  The opening of New Vision Photography Program is the culmination of Mr. Price's dream to bring together his two passions:  working with persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities and photography.



New Vision Photography Program, Inc.

Mission Statement




     The mission of New Vision Photography Program, Inc. is to expand supported employment and long-term follow-along services in the photography industry and community inclusion to adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities by introducing them to a creative world of digital photography, entrepreneurship programs and One-Hour Photo Mini Lab training and employment. New Vision Photography Program, Inc. may be defined as a non-traditional supported employment program.





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