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New Vision Photographic Program Students and Staff New Vision Photography Program, Inc., is an innovative program designed specifically for the District of Columbia Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Administration Medicaid Waiver Program serving adults with development disabilities. The overall goal of this program is to expand employment options, community inclusion and entrepreneurship for adults with disabilities by introducing them to the creative world of conventional and digital photography and training on how to use the One-Hour Photo mini-lab.

 New Vision Photography Program, Inc., fills service gaps in the District of Columbia for adults with disabilities who need increased access to career development programs as they transition to self-sufficiency and independent living.

 New Vision Photography Program, Inc., is an important program because it expands the professional options for these adults, who have traditionally struggled with high rates of unemployment. This program sends a message that not only can they work in the photographic industry or any other chosen employment, but they also have creative and artistic skills to express in their professional lives. 

 New Vision Photography Program, Inc., will expose adults to a new field of employment, which will enhance their self-esteem and social competencies.

The objectives for this program include (1) increasing clients' knowledge of photography, (2) enhancing clients' hands-on photography skills, (3) improving clients' prospects for employment and (4) facilitating clients' community inclusion. Service components include classroom instruction, mentoring, community outings, and developing individual client portfolios.

The New Vision Photography Center, Inc. is located at 4811 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20011, (202) 882-2235 office and fax (202) 882-2237.



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